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Heather Miller

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4dcLecture 4Two type of cell somatic cells gametes zygoteDNA structure and its two functionReplication functionProtein synthesisLevel 4244 is not needed protein synthesisiCd level is goodThe differnts in the organism is not the NDA structure its the genes the sequence the DNA is organize Gene is s sequence of DNA regulatory genes is special genes they produce protein by other gene A mutation is change in the DNA usually change in all of these errors sometimes changes in the number of structure in the chronosomes That effect the production of protein The protein is important everything in our body structure the parts in our prody production Regulation Note all somatic cells have the exact same getic inflowinformation Only a small part is gene is turned on Regulatory gene switch off the inapporate gene Some cells is not regulated yet Every somatic cell have 46 chromosonesChromosomes are just simply structure made up of DN only found the cell nuclei They are only visible during replication under microscope If you could see them during normal conditionl Each
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