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Heather Miller

ANT 101H5SSpring 2012 INTRODUCTION to BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY and ARCHAEOLOGY Anthropology University of Toronto MississaugaLecture 0101 MondaysWednesdays 300400 pm Instructional Building 110 Lecture 0201 MondaysWednesdays 400500 pm Instructional Building 110 Tutorials Thursdays 8 am to 8 pm North Building 217223see tutorial schedule for timeslocationsInstructor Office Office Phone Email Office Hours Prof Heather Miller HSC 246 9058283741 heathermillerutorontoca Thurs 122 in NE220 or by appointmentTutorial Teaching Assistants Email allutorontoca Office Hours Office 0101 NE217 89 am Matthew Mosher matthewmosherutorontocaNE221 0102 NE217 910 am 0103 NE217 1011 am Carolan Wood carolanwoodutorontocaNE221 0104 NE217 11noon 0105 NE217 noon1 pm Jayne Wilkins jaynewilkinsutorontocaNE221 0106 NE217 12 pm 0107 NE217 23 pm Laura Eastham lauraeasthamutorontocaNE221 0108 NE217 34 pm 0109 NE217 45 pm Jarred Heinrich jarredheinrichutorontocaNE221 0110 NE217 56 pm 0111 NE217 67 pm Stephanie Kozakowski stephaniekozakowskiutorontocaNE221 0112 NE217 78 pm 0201 NE223 89 am Guy Duke guydukeutorontocaNE221 0202 NE223 910 am 0203 NE223 1011 am Travis Steffens travissteffensutorontocaNE221 0204 NE223 11noon 0205 NE223 noon1 pm 0206 NE223 12 pm Sarah Ranlett sarahranlettutorontocaNE221 0207 NE223 23 pm 0208 NE223 34 pm 0209 NE223 45 pm Giles Morrow gilesmorrowutorontocaNE221 0210 NE223 56 pm 0211 NE223 67 pm 0212 NE223 78 pm Rastko Cvekic rastkocvekicutorontocaNE221 COURSE DESCRIPTION Anthropology the holistic study of human thought behaviour and biology is composed of four major subfields biological anthropology archaeology sociocultural anthropology and linguistic anthropologyANT101 covers the first two subfields providing an introductory overview of the study of human biology and the study of the human pastIt complements ANT102 Introduction to SocioCultural and Linguistic Anthropology the two courses may be taken in any orderCOURSE OBJECTIVES 1 To understand the importance of both biology and culture in the evolutionary history and the diversity of the human species 2 To develop skills in observation classification reasoning and problem solving 3 To learn about the way humans and their close relatives past and present have lived in the worldCOURSE MATERIALSREQUIREDThe course packet is available at the UTM Bookstore th1 Lewis B R JurmainL Kilgore 2010 Understanding Humans Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology 10 editionCentrage Advantage BooksISBN10 0495604747 textbook 2 Kappelman John 2007 Virtual Laboratories for Physical Anthropology Version 40 WadsworthCentrage Learning ISBN10 049500992XCD Two ethnographies are also included in your packet as freebiesthese are not required readings and will not be assigned but are for additional information and knowledge ANT101Spring 2012Dr H Miller 1 of 4
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