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Male and female Sexual dimorphism Sex and gender 1920s - M. Mead 1960s-1980s - A. Meigs 1990s - G. Herdt D. Kulick Sex and gender and sexuality What it means to be male and female - ideas and roles Varies between societies Because of the variation, it is not driven by physiology We act human in extremely different ways when it comes to being female or male What comes naturally to us may not come naturally to any other person Sex refers to the anatomical or biological differences between male and female Gender is the cultural or social elaboration of those differences Mead one of the first to write about sex vs gender - made the distinction conceptually Sex - biological bedrock Gender - elaboration of inevitable biological facts (malleable, and can be changed) Gender changes from culture to culture Interested in delinking the differences - argue against biological reductionist explanations in American society in 1920s Against the idea that there is something within us that
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