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Lecture 2

ANT102H5 Lecture 2: Lecture 2 - ANT102

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Jack Sidnell

Lecture 2 Thursday, May 11, 2017 Its not just human talk that involves non intentional and intentional communication, but its all the mixing of signs We are constantly trying to read people through their honest signals but we also get dishonest signals Referential vs. Nonreferential All referential communication may necessarily be intentional. Nonreferential communication may or may not be intentional. Semanticity = Reference Reference requires joint attention I.e. A is attending to the salt. B is attending to the salt. But they are doing this independently. Theres a wall in between them, because of the wall B cant know A is attending to the salt. If they both know they both are attending to the salt then this is known as joint attention however, it is still not a reference A wants B to know that A is attending to the salt = REFERENCE Reference with words I.e. A wants B to know A is attending to the salt when he says Pass the salt What if the salt is not physically present? Then A says Where is the salt? This involves a second order level of intention where A wants B to know that A is attending to the = REFERENCE Joint attentional model of reference or shared intentionality model of human communication When both know that both know that they are attending to the salt its a form of second order knowledge thats involved, a knowledge about what another agent knows Communication doesnt necessarily involve reference In referential communication there are two things referring to another thing, but in other forms of communication there need not to be any reference (Triatic structure, intersubjective relationship speaker, hearer and thing they are talking about) In nonreferential communication there are two parties and no third element (dyadic relationship) I.e. mother and child communicating with each other in the first few moments of birth I.e. bowing, Hello etc.
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