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Anthropolgy Lecture10 Modernity and Culture ChangeJune132011OVERVIEW1 Cultural persistence2 Mechanisms of Change3 Modernization4 IntensificationModernity post industrial world becomes more relevancemodernity refers to mass society nd2 urban society represents concentration cultural centersrd3 aspect of modernity is beurocersypaper work they have a life span of there ownCultural persistence 1 most individuals most of the time are deeply committed to their customsRichard BarrettCulture and Conduct 1991humans are creatures of their habit and when life is not predicable they can experience ups and down ethnocentrism is a natural way to feel because if you only know one culture language rituals clothing people become accustom to doing thingsculture can be seen an empedment to change as it becomes harden and it takes on the quality of an unchanging enitiyCultural persistence 21 Culture as impediment 2 Limitations of prior accomplishment3 Integration as impediment to change ex janpense phonetic letters beacsue there writing system is integrated in their culture they would have to change labels and textbooks and machinery etcit would be inconvenientCultural persistence 31 Adaptation is never perfect there is no perfect cultural system cultur
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