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Victor Barac

ANT102H5S – Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 00 – July 9, 2013 Anthropology Seven Key Concepts: - Holism – best way to describe humanity and look at the interactions between domain o The study of the whole of the human condition: past, present and future o Wide perspective on subject mater - Fieldwork – do sled work and be creative and it gives us a microscopic view o Anything that is a cultural envelope - Comparison – after accumulating all the data, you start comparing and discern similarities and differences, and use theories and perspective to assess the data - Cultural Relativism and Ethnocentrism – culture that existed in the past, different ways of eating food and living life in a different way o Cognitive Processes – all cultures are worthy and you don’t base judgment from a biased point of view - Scientific Anthropology [nomothetic] – 5 and 6 are related and anthropology is scientific (functionalists and adaptive); behavior - Interpretive Anthropology [reflexive; postmodern] (meaning) – The universal parietal of science, culture consists of competing discourses. Science it self is a cultural activity there is no such thing as universal anthropology - Basic vs. Applied Research – o BASIC (just to acquire the knowledge, practical purposes ex, university is great place for basic residence.) o But another is anthropology is also an applied science Five Sub-Fields of Anthropology 1. Biological Anthropology – focuses on human beings as one of a great multitude of organisms that inhabit the earth o Paleoanthropology – the study of fossil remains of the earliest humans, and attempt to understand the history of human biological evolution o Primatology – the study of our closet nonhuman relatives o Forensic anthropology – the study of human remains for identification and cause of death o Contemporary human variation – examines and maps human variation  size, weight, skin color, nails, circumference of head) 2. Archaeology – specialized in human artifacts, anything made and designed by humans o Prehistoric – no written text on writing o Historical – homo habis to
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