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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Victor Barac

ANT102H5S – Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 08 – August 13, 2013 Ethnicity, Nation, Race Overview - ` - Race - Ethnicity - National identity Not part of the slides: - After WW2, after the framing the UN declaration of human rights, the concept of race was approached differently o Rejects as a significant biological concept - The idea of community is a contested term The Logic of Social Classification - Binary o Insider vs. outsiders  Example: gender  female or male o Citizens vs. aliens/ foreigners  If you are a citizen, you have right  Tells you who is a foreigner  Citizen means that everyone, whether you are rich or poor, is included in the society. And if you are not, you cannot be expected ot be above the law - Segmentary – based on the notion of more or less o Criteria for determining degrees of closeness  Kinship being one of the most important  How you determine degrees of closeness depends on many things: ie. Based on kinship or even by choice o Organized by principle of nepotism  Nepotism – showing favouritism towards people who are closer to you  In Botswana, nepotism is the moral thing to do, here is Canada is not important to us  In countries where you don’t support your families or kins, you are therefore a bad person Race - Racial classification and phenotypic traits o Body size and shape o Hair and skin color o Lighter skin is more adaptive in northern areas where the problem would be attain Vitamin D o Dark skin is associated with very sunny climates, where the problem is protection against sun radiation - Cultural constructs VS discrete gene pool ANT102H5S – Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 08 – August 13, 2013 o If you look at the human genome, there is a large set of similarities in the human genome o People tend to emphasize these superficial differences for establishing races - Homo sapiens a single species o With African origins, and considered as one continuous interbreeding species Classification for Race – U.S.A System - White o Interesting how it color terms o People who have origins in any places from Europe, north Africa or middle east o Irish, German, Italian, libenese, arab or polish - Black or African American o Refers to people having origins in any African or other “black” countries o When we say black, it puts the together the most diverse racial group - American Indian and Alaska Native - Asian o Refers to people having of the far east, SE Asia, or the Indian subcontinent o Chinese, Pilipino, Japanese, Tai, Pakistani - Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander - Some other race Classification for Race – Canada System - Aboriginal (Inuit, Metis, North American Indian)
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