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Lecture 4

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Jack Sidnell

November 7, 2012 Anthropology: Lecture 4 Gender What is nature? Biology: a hermaphrodite differs from what female or male really is. 15% of species can be classified as intersex Intersexuals classify as much as 4% of human Western-Euro American culture is deeply committed to the idea that there are only two sexes Biologically speaking, however, there exist gradations of female and male; both in the Sworn Virgin: Albanian women who decide to become the opposite gender Two-Spirits, a Third Gender in Native North America - Could be opposite gender or something else called Two-spirits Hijras: Similar to Two-Spirits and Sex is a biologival categorization Gender is the cultural elaboration of biological sex - Always performed according to historically performed norms and culturally performed norms We all perform normative gender discourses or we play and modify them OR we play games and try to avoid them How gender normativity is modified different contexts What are the gender norms that Wester-Euro- Ideology: a shared, tacit set of perceptions and feelings people have for explaining, interpreting, justifying and jusding the world – including the people inhabiting it. Ideologies often justify (and reproduce) inequalities Gender ideologies hold that men and women, boys and girls, are different from each other The ubiquity of the view of male and female as opposites is witnessed in the common English expression the opposite sex. Rarely do you hear an alternative expression, such as the other sex much less another sex. Language - Girls spoken to with softer tones - Boys harsher tones November 7, 2012 Voice - Voice provides a dramatic example of children coming to perform gender. At the
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