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Andrea Muehlebach

Emotions Terms: Ethnologist Are emotions universal? Happiness, surprise, fear, anger, disgusts and sadness etc are universal emotions which aer expressed with the same distinctive configurations Anthropologists say: even though emotions might be expressed similarly from an anatomical point of view, cultures are really what influence whom, how and in what context we can express emotions Conclusively: *look at the first slide of this lecture What do EMOTIONS MEAN? How are they EXPRESSED depending on cultural CONTEXT LOVE • is love a human universal or globally understood emotion? • Is motherly love innate? OR DEFINED by social and cultural context? Answer: shaped by social context Question: why do mothers in Alto seem different than others? Answers: women had come to expect their children to die, it was natural and that survival was a miraculous feat. A high expectancy of child death was a powerful shaper for maternal thinking and feeling --- Question: What does “culture of feeling” look like? Answer: A maternal feeling and practice can articulate itself through “DELAYED ATTACHMENT” to infacnts are somethings thought of as temporary household ‘visitors’. The cultural expectation of child death led to the differentiation between infants who stood a chance to live versus infants who were born to die Midwives …. State and the Church • the State who contributes to the acceptance of infant mortality makes and made it easy to register the death of an infant. • Emotions are not primate • Emotions are something that can be seen and be hled as empirical and there is a trace to its root • Term: Emotional Triage GRIEF – is something that you do not feel but would rather just feel for particular children Term: Anthropomorphize: attribute a human form or personality to something that is non human. Example: infants are just angels on their way up to their heavenly home Mortal Selective Neglect – the im
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