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Andrea Muehlebach

Terms Ethnographic Fieldwork - consists of collecting concrete data of evidence Ethnography - he practice of anthropological research based on direct observation of and reportage on a people's way of life. For the ethnographer there are two stages, the first of which is fieldwork, which is the process of observing and recording data. The second stage is the production of a written description and analysis of the subject under study. Its place in post-colonial studies has not always been as straightforward, and has on some level contributed to our colonial assumptions Ethnography is the process of recording and describing a culture of a specific people, such as the Dani, and its traits, patterns, and principles of coherent integration. Anthropologists produce ethnography on the basis of firsthand field observation of the people who are being studied. – Website Term Ethnology covers the theoretical aspect of anthropology. Ethnologists ascertain how cultures differ or exhibit similarities through comparison and generalization, suggest reasons for cross cultural regularities observed, and use these explana tory inferences to formulate new research hypotheses. Holism – any approach that treats the whole greater than the SUM OF ITS PARTS Methodological Holism – aims at understanding social life through social and cultural patterns Methodological Individualism – the individual is the basic and IRREDUCIBLE unit of explanation in social analysis. QUESTIONS for exam What are the principles of anthropological method? Statistical ----- Theory of Evolution - holds that species of living things develop from previous versions of themselves, as opposed to being created. The term was made famous by Darwin, though the term had this meaning from at least the 1830s. Social evolution” is the - anthropological concept of directional change in a s
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