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University of Toronto Mississauga
Andrea Muehlebach

Colonialism As a Term Colonialism is – the extension of a nations soverignity over territory beyond its actual borders. Colonialism does so through *look at slide Imperialism – the building of empires THROUGH colonialism. The largest ancient western empire is the Roman Empire. The largest Eastern Empire is Ghengis Khan’s Mongolian Empire. The largest modern empire is the British Empire. th The british Empire was the largest empire of the 20 century. Settle Colonialism – you have groups of people from mother countries that then settle themselves in a new colony. Ex – Sierra Leone Dependencies – where colonizers did not arrive a apart of a mass emigration but rather as administrators over existing sizable NATIVE population. British Colonialism in INDIA • colonizing nations was about the extraction of natural resources, forcing workers to work on land and taking over certain kinds of markets • Colonialism was actually fueled and led by the belief system of RACISM. That the culture and values of the colonizer were far superior to those of the colonized. Brits versus Indians • Colonizers or Colonization was about dominating mind sets and creating a whole new culture of culture en ad transforming uncivilized subjects into WESTERN subjects. BUT HOWDO YOU DO THAT? Answer: Hegemony – the process of which a dominant class or elite, RETAINS its power by obtaining the unreflecting consent or persuation to those below it. The elite uses cultural means to normalize a state of affairs that is advantageous to it. Example – CRICKET – this sport was used in this way CRICKET
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