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ANT102 – Lecture 1 What is anthropology? Study of humanity that can be approached through seven concepts. There are five subfields. The seven key concepts: 1- Holism: When you look at the custom, what is the context behind it? You need to see them at different social contexts. You have to look at the basis and the biology and psychology and economics and politics, philosophical and religious aspects when understanding the society. You need to get many expertise and then combine together. 2- Field work: It is when the anthropologist goes out and studies a phenomenon for an extended period of time. You have to be totally open to do this. This is basic research, you study what you are interested in. 3- Comparison: anthropology is comparative. Comparison is a cognitive process but it is also a method in anthropology. Comparison in anthropology would look at things like comparing hunter gatherer societies and gender relations in those and then you compare several hunter gatherer societies. You go to another culture and then u start comparing with your ideas of culture. When you compare things you can come up with similarities and differences. 4- Cultural relativism/ ethnocentrism: cultural relativism= we need to understand the culture within its frame of essence. Eg. Local foods. When they enter a culture they go through a culture shock as they are from a different society of different framework trying to fit into the new
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