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Lecture 11

Lecture 11: MMORPGs, Avatars and Identity Online

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Rhonda Mc Ewen

CCT109 Lecture 11 November 21 2913 Lecture 11 MMORPGs Avatars and Identity Online Agenda1 Gaming and IdentitySimon Ludgate 2 ICCITcourses and programs 3 Gamer statistics 3 Core Themes A Challenging the notion that one thingone thing B Anchoring principles of realworld identity such as gender race or other physicalpsychological properties are something we can transcend online For some players the avatar becomes a purposeful projection or idealization of their own identity while for others the avatar is an experiment with new identities Here are also those for whom the avatar is merely a pawnthe means for an end These differences actually fall along personality differences Introverted players tend to create characters that are projections or idealizations of themselves while extroverted players tend to experiment with new identities through their characters Of course differences in avatar importance are also influenced by differences in motivations Players driven by achievement focus more on the power and effectiveness of their avatars equipment while players driven by socialization or immersion are more focused on their avatars appearances The difference in emphasis on character customization between Asian and Western MMORPGS is also quite striking Asian MMORPGS typically have predefined character appearances while west
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