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Lecture 8

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Karen Kus

th Lecture 8 August 6 2013 Religion Ritual, magic, witchcraft, worldview OVERVIEW 1. James Frazer (1854-1941) a. The Golden Bough (1890) b. Study of ancient cults, myths, and rites c. Magic Religion  Science 2. Animism- Belief in spirit‐beings (Edward Tylor) a. Souls, ghosts, witches, demons, spirits, gods, etc. b. Discrete, individual beings c. Specific beliefs central to all religions 3. Animatism-Belief in impersonal, diffuse forces (Robert Marrett) a. Hebrew ‐ el b. Greek – dynamis c. Latin – noumena d. Polynesia ‐ mana e. Iroquois – orenda 4. Myth & Ritual The Two Basic Elements of Religion 1. Myth- the grand narrative of a culture 1. Explanations 2. Value systems 2. Ritual-Rites & ceremonies 1. Collective – shared, intense, emotional 2. Individual – empowerment, catharsis, healing 5. The Social Organization of Religion Anthony F. C. Wallace on religious cults a. Individualistic cults b. Shamanistic cults c. Communal cults d. Ecclesiastical cults 6. Religion and Society Huichol (Mexico) 1. Nature spirits – Tataweri = fire – Tatetima = rain –
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