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Victor Barac

thLecture 4July 18 2013Economics and Culture ISubsistence wealth and the provisioning of societyOVERVIEWEconomic itself is based on subsistence to adapt to fit in subsist to live Subsistence basic activity of life according to this perceptionAdaptive strategy1Huntinggatheringforagingvery primitive evolutionary adaptation marked the distinct human pattern nonhuman primates forge the food huntinggathering is based on gender women and men subsistence activity exploring a wide range of foodHumans are omnivorous requires diversity in our diet Development of a system of sharing a home base usually where there is a fire a series of fire shared within family and also a wider band RULE the relative proportion of hunting and gathering is based on complex ecosystem and living close to equator Most huntergatherers are nomadic move in a lot of places this lifestyle has been around for a long time They also tend to have low pop densities because their pop is based on foodSome foragers are also sedentary they tend to be aquatic foragers ppl who live near rivers fishes If food coming to you why bothers chasing it Our species evolved in small pop evolved from familys bands A lesser degree of occupation no job no social differentiation between classes Huntergatherers represent an ideal past can be positive of negative Biologically we are huntergatherers but culturally we are notaFood foraging a complex adaptationbMostly nomadic lifestylecLow population densitiesdFamilies bandseAnimismshamanism believe in spirit being practice shamanism no class of religious specialist they are ppl from a community these are like their priests Juhoansi Botswanathey live close to equator live in a complex ecosystem 30 of food came from hunting and 70 of food came from gathering One generation stops hunting and gathering they lose their knowledgeBabenzele Pygmies Central African Republicbows advanced tools solo hunters hunting by yourself or in pairs is commonAndaman Islands India sometimes hunt in groups they live on islands they were semisedentary the ocean provided fish the islands were lush
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