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David Smith

{Topic 4: Origins of Resource Production} // Based on Chapter 5 **Origins of Food Production • fod • textiles • tobacco & alcohol What are the big questions that archaeologists are concerned with in relation to “Origins”? Answer: • The origins of bipedalism which dates from 5 to 10 million years ago • The origins of Tools Use up to 2.5 million years ago • Origins of Modern Humans about 200 000 years ago • Origins of Resource Prod 12 000 years ago • Origins of Social Complexity 6000 years ago ** Page 160 to 166 about earliest evidence in chapter 6 of the book What does Resource Production mean? Answer: during this time the domestication of species was very prevalent. Going from “teosinte to maize which is also known as CORN” Where does Resource Production…occur? Answer: Primary (indigenous) origins • Secondary Origins (everywhere but the arctic) • Japan? Lower Great Lakes Resource Extraction – involves taking resources from the environment with minimum impact. Dated for 12,000 BP. There were about 10 million hunter/gatherer/fishers. • resource extraction is a band level type of social organization: egalitarian type society • low population density • hunter/gatherer/fisher • this type of extraction involved the usage of a mobile type subsistence strategy: using camps {Ju/’hoansi} • were hunter and gatherers • women and men gathered // a division of labour was establish where women focused on plants and men on hunting • they were structured • only were known to work about 20 hours per week Question: Why work harder and more than 20 hours per week if you were already doing well? (as far as resource production goes) Resource Production: a systematic INTERFETRENCE with resource supply.
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