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University of Toronto Mississauga
David Smith

{Upper Paleolithic Technology} {Upper Paleolithic Technology} – dated between 43,00 – 15,000 BP, “increased refinement” – making better tools {Increased Diversity} A. Formal Diversity B. Spatial and Temporal Diversity {Formal Diversity} • more than 130 tool types during this time • composite tools – wooden handle tools • tools that were identified for making other tools //EX – a hammer stone is a tool for making other tools • BONE TOOLS - survived a long time within this period where Homo Sapiens focused on BONE tools as a resource • Spear throwers were very common • 2 in 1 tools were very common and were more efficient Types of Bone Tools: Magdalenian Harpoons, Bone Points with bases for mounting or Bone Needles (used for puncturing hide to make clothing) “Atlatl” (attle-attle) – a spear thrower/throwing stick. These increased the longevity of Homo Sapiens because they were able to hunt from a distant. “Burin” – it is on a blade. This tool acts more as a chisel and a 2 in 1 tool and this increased efficiency. It was primarly used to GROOVE the bone. B. {Spatial/Temporal Diversity} • European Upper Paleolithic – had the most work done on it for some time WE’ll be looking over how people got to Australia to North and South America Upper Paleolithic Technology within Europe dates back to 43,000 to 15, 000 BP and the site name/fossil name is “Cro-Magnons” The “Solutrean” period used a tool called the “Laurel-leaf biface”. They could not be used as knives or spear points mainly because they would break and were most considered as an early f
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