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David Smith

Topic 3: Homo Sapiens ( end of chapter 3 & Chapter 4) FACT: we used to be called homo sapiens sapiens Homo Sapiens : We date back to : 200,000 BP to present {Homo Sapeins } EARLY: Africa – 200,00 to 70, 000 BP LATE: Global (Everything but Antarctica) - 70,000 to 0 BP Early // “Herto” 195, 000 BP Late // “Skhul 5” (a progressive Neandarthal) and dates back to 35,000 BP **Anatomically homo had a CHIN. Late // Cro Magnon – which dates back to 15,000 BP {Skeletal Anatomy} of Homo Sapien • post-cranial modern • brain 1200 -1400 cc • brow ridges pronounced • decreased prognathism (mouth gets smaller) Homo Sapiens Skull info: • foramen magnum forward – F.M meansthe hole in the base of the skull through which the spinal cord passes. • smaller teeth • the had a chin Model (homo sapiens relationship to others) The multiregional model is an explanation of patterns over human evolution. The model hypothesizes that humans appeared during the Pleistocene era. The “African replacement” model on the other hand says that our direct ancestors speciated from Africa and migrated from them. “Assimilation” infers that Homo Sapiens from Africa assimilated with others including some Neanderthals however it is up for debate **Homo Sapiens spread out of Africa and over to around the world between: 70,000 to 12,000 BP {P
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