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Hominin Dispersals – CULTURAL {Paleolithic – Old Stone Age} – Dates from 2.6million years ago to 10,000 years ago Lower 2.5million years ago to 100,000 years ago Middle 100-40,000 years ago Upper 40-10,000 years ago Olorgaesaille is a hunting site in Africa **double check the location Lithic Technology – Lithic means rock or stone. Lithic Technology refers to breaking rock or stone in a controlled manner. “removing flakes from cores with hammer in a controlled manner using the principle of conchoidal fracture. “ ** During a conchoidal fracture, breaking in certain ways is very predictable. You can predict the nature of what you break. The “oldowan PEblle Chopper” explains and infers the Homo Habilis understood the idea behind and the concept of “conchoidal fracture” **Technology after 2 million years meant that: there was increased refinement (better technology), increased diversity Increased Refinement : • Increased Refinement makes reference to how over time our ancesstors were able to make more shapes from the surface of a rock or just having more access to the surface of a rock Increaed Diversity: • Developed tools were crearted going from the Oldowan to the Earl Acheulian time period • Chopper tools were made Early Acheulian dates from : 1.6 million years ago to 600,000 years ago and is only located in Africa Chopper Chopping Tool dates back to : 1.6 million years ago until ?? , it is found in East Asia (where homo erectus is found) and across Northern Europe, Late Acheulian dates back to: 600,000 to 250,000 years ago, located in Africa and Southern Europe and involves the usage of the soft hammer percussion?? *
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