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Topic 12 // Conclusions Big questions may include: What are the origins of bipedalism – between 5 to 10 mya. IT is biological and we are dependent on this type of motion What are the origins of tool use? - whatis the origins of the earliest tools? Less than 2.5mya What are the origins of Modern Humans (homo sapiens) 200 kya What are the origins of resource production – dates to about 12kya - Know the dates that are covered in the chart for resource production - know ancient civilization dates as well - Social complexity – explain it // about 8kya Remember: social and cultural change IS NOT Darwinian Themes // 1. Material • technology: increased refinement, diversity and specialization • modification of the environment: producing an increasingly artificial material world • REMEMBER : technology did not ensure human survival by itself 2. Social * social interactions: humans have always had “ families, communities and societies” • social
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