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David Smith

RE: CAP Mesopotamia Chiefdoms – 5500 to 4000 BC States – 4000 to 23334 BC Empires – 2334 – 539 BC Sumerian Civilization Dates back from 3100 to 2334 BC Type: city-state civilization Example: Ur Summerian Civilizations are: 1. Remember what a “Settlement System” is: a hierarchical arrangement of settlements relative to each other 2. Composed of Warfare type societies 3. Urban centres – new in these states 4. Composed of defensive walls 5. Composed of specialized buildings 6. Have a strict social hierarchy: God- king>Nobility>artisans > Farmers & slaves 7. Summerians expanded irrigation agriculture ----- Empires – 2334 – 539 BC The first empire was: Akkadian, dates back from 2334 to 2200 BC Other Empires include: Ur III from 2112 to 2000 BC Old Babylon from 1990 to 1595 BC Assyrian from 1340 to 612 BC New Babylon from 612 to 539 BC Akkadian Empire - 2234 to 200 BC - Capital: Akkad - It’s ruler became very ambitious - Emperor: Sargon I Ur III Empire - 2112 to 2000 BC - Capital: Ur - Emperor: Ur-nammu - Was a territorial empire Old Ba
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