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More assignment info! Analyze the settlement system, urbanization, occupational specialization of the Indus Valley and the monumental arch. / architecture of the Indus Valley. 1. How is the Indus Valley similar or different to other states and empires? Such as those of Mesopotamia and the Nile Valley. Topic 9: Complex Dociety in Southeast (Cambodia) & East Asia (china) Indus Valley : dates from 3200 to 1700 BC Remember: Chiefdoms 3200 to 2700 BC States 2700 to 1700 BC This covers both East Pakistan and West India Early Harappan (Indus Valley) - dates from 3200 to 1700 BC – this was during the era of regionalization. State Period: Mature Harappan 2700 to 1700 BC ** focus on this time period Early Harappan - this was during the era of regionalization. - Kot Diji - Chiefdoms existed at this point Mature Harappan - there was no historical connection to this time - known as the “era of Integration” - its settlement system infers that it was a “territorial state” - its cultural and political control extended to over 1.3 million square km - consisted of a 4-tier hierarchy: large cities, small cities, towns and villages - massive cities (Mohenjodaro, Harrapa and D
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