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University of Toronto Mississauga
David Smith

Topic 8: Complex Society in Africa Ancient Nile Valley is dated for: 5000 to 1075 BC Remember: Chiefdoms are dated for 5000 to 3100 BC States are dated for 3100 to 1640 BC Empires are dated for 1640 to 1075 BC “Pre-Dynastic Period” Dated for 5000 to 3100 BC • Upper and Lower Egypt • Was the beginning of hieroglyphic writing Remember: What a settlement system : a hierarchal arrangement of settlements in relation to one another The nile valley wasa territorial sate with a capital that moved once. Settlement Pattern: the nile was not highly urbanized - the majority of the area was rural The Nile had: monumental architecture like palaces, temples, burial monuments (there was a big focus on this especially for the ELITE – mummification was in practice – keeping the body in tact so that the soul was preserved) - occupational specialization was present in the nile including: peasant farmers, artisans, artists/scribes - Different Mortuary Practices were in effect in Egypt/nile: this included looting tombs, - Record Keeping: hieroglyphics: a pictorial format for writing. From the hieroglyphic was the hieratic created. Early Dynastic Dated for: 2950 to 2575 BC • this was when Upper and Lower Egypt were unified • Pharoah: Narme or M
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