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David Smith

Reminder: Midterm is 15% and 15 multiple choice Lecture Topics 1 to 6 {Topic 6: Chiefdoms and States} Based on Chapter: 7 and 8 Main Question: Origins of Social Complexity , 600,000 years ago Questions: What is a complex society? • artificial human construction in terms of its physical characteristics, social and symbolic environment traits • is maintained in a LARGE cost type of way using physical, social and symbolic energy b. How do we recognize complex societies? Answer: Via Social Scale. There are Egalitarian type societies: everyone is equal Band & Tribe: unranked and Stratified type socities: everyone is unequal and there is unequal access to certain things Chiefdom: ranked and stratified State: ranked, stratified and bureaucratic c. How do we explain complex societies? --- Social Stratification is the same as social inequality - this refers to the division of society into many layers An example of Social Stratification includes: the elits and the commoners. - Social Stratification is based on different access to goods, prestige and power Social Inequality Material: there is differential access to resources Social: there is differential status among people Symbolic: ideological domination exists Chiefdom • you are born into a particular family then you are automatically are given power • there are 2 levels: the elite and commoners • there are preferential access to the elite • economically semi-s
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