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David Smith

Mid Term is 15% Breakdown as follows: • 30 minutes • 15 multiple choice • Topics 1-6 & Cahpters 1-2, 4-7 Tips: • Know surveying techniques • Archaeological Data : 2 kinds – post moulds and Topic 6 – Contextual Inference// TIME • Chronology is the study of time • Look at CHAPTER 7 • Chronology must be inferred and MUST be known • When you are applying a chronological technique, what are you dating? Is it the date of time, or something that is INDIRECT which requires an inference to be made? Answer: Direct: DATES the artifact itself Indirect: DATES the context Two tyoes of Dating A. Relative Dating – one artifacts or level in its context is OLDER or younger than another artifact. B. Chronometric (time – measured){Absolute} – age in calendric terms, measured using an interval scale Types of Relative Dating 1. A. seriation – signals the birth of scientific archaeology • dating that is badsed on changes in style • Stylistic (similarity) seriations and Frequency (pattern} seriation Stylistic is based on the closer in time things are, then the more similar they will be in style Things are measured by variables or types SITES CLOSEST IN STYLE ARE CLOSEST IN TIME (the assumption) KNOW FOR EXAM SIDENOTE: typology is the measure of style A. (continued) Frequency (pattern) Seriation • based on the assumption on HOW style changes through TIME 2. Sequence Comparison 3. Stratigraphy – based on the law of superposition, a well travelled assumption, lower layers are older than upper layers 4. Geochronology – ba
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