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David Smith

Prehistoric Archaeology Prof: David Smith Email: [email protected] Phone: 9058283784 Tuesdays: 4:10- 5pm Wednesday : 4-5pm Thursdays: 2-3pm T.A – Talena Stevenson Emma Yasui South Building - 2045 Assignment 1 – November 23 ! - 50% Midterm Quiz – 15% - Tuesday October 23 , 30 mins in class, multiple choice Based on lectures & textbook from Topic 1 to 6 and chapters 1-2, 4 to 7 Final Exam – 35% Assignment – 50% - detail instructions will be given upon TUTORIAL - will be based on a critical evaluation of archaeological problem - may have to collect arch. Data - submit via - late penalty is 1% per day - physical paper copy is a requirement Tentative Exam Format - 15 multiple choice - 5 of 8 short answers Course Description The technique, method and theory of the discipline of archeology! Archeology is about what archeologists do based on theory, and practice that is about getting as much information about the past as we can. Intro to Archaeology, What is it? General Perspective Archeology is a set of theories, methods and techniques used by archeologists. (basic definition) What is pre-history? A body of historical knowledge using history in the broadest sense. BEFORE WRITTEN RECORDS. WE don’t have access to written records about what we are studying. It is the body of knowledge resulting from archeological study of material remains of societies that existed before anything could be written and kept of record. According to Ashmore & Sharer – Archeology is : the study of human past through material remains. It’s aim is to order and describe the events of and from the past. WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN things happened. More importantly it is to explain THEIR – MEANING – the WHY! Scientific archeology is evidence based so that we crea
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