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University of Toronto Mississauga
David Smith

Topic 3 Data Collection • Keep Sampling in mind for assignment 1. Survey - find your site before excavation • Reconnaissance • Mapping (in its widest sense, creating a 2d or 3d map) • 2. Excavation – • Test - finding out about the site that is being excavated • Full – scale // extremely costly & destructive by sending out an archaeologist out on to a site Survey a. Reconnaissance - Surface Survey // looking for concentrations of artifacts - Field Walking // basic technique, walking across the field to find artifacts or eco facts - Transfects (a form of stratified sampling ***LOOK UP***) - Test Pitting // in an area that hasn’t been disturbed by agriculture, artifacts can be seen on the surface (very rare) - Aerial Photography // allows archs. To see crop marks (marks on the ground) that indicate modified sites - Remote Sensing // instruments that use radar to penetrate the ground for example b. Mapping - Mapping out the special distribution of material 1. Sketch a Map of a Site - Contour Maps can be produced which created 3 dimensions on to a 2 dimensional map on paper or a computer screen - Surface Collection // prior to excavation if there are artifacts on the site/surface - Non-Intrusive Mapping - Magnetometer Surveying – instruments that are capable to sense the change in magnetism of soils Excavation a. Test Excavation - involved the least amo
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