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University of Toronto Mississauga
David Smith

Topic – Material Inference An examination of HOW the paradigms ** This is based on chapter 9: 211-227 Talks about: Cultural Historical perspective – this is NOT a paradigm or approach “Dimensions of Inference” Contextual Dimensions – Formal, Spatial, Temporal {otherwise known as CULTURE HISTORY} Cultural – Material (processual), social (societial archaeology and social agency) and ideational (post processual paradigm) Culture Historical perspective  Answers WHAT, WHEN (temporal dimension), WHERE (regards all provenience)  NOT A PARADIGM or an approach so to speak  This must BE undertaken by all archaeologists Mechanisms of Cultural Change include: 1. Internal Mechanisms 2. External Mechanisms Internal Mechanisms refer to: inevitable variation, which is that nothing ever, stays the same in simple terms. All cultures change over time (page 211 of the text) Cultural Invention: new ideas will originate within a culture and is by accident or purposeful design. Cultural Selection (Darwinist selection): change occurs because of the Darwinist approach to evolution. Natural Selection: certain organisms that can reproduce successfully will survive and thrive as opposed to those who cant – where this is applied to culture. Cultures that are advantageous to members of society – ARE ACCEPTED OR RETAINED as opposed to those who are useless who are just discarded. Cultural Drift: has to do with cultural transmission from one culture to the next that is either COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE. No individual EVER learns information possessed by any other member of these SOCIETIES. Cultural Revival: the revival of certain elements that have fallen into DISUSE. ------- External Mechanisms include: Environmental Change where is caused due to external forces of bio
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