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Assignment Due on November 23, 2012 11:59pm Talena: Course #5781877 Password: ANT200H Topic 10 Social Inference Chapter 8 p191-202 & 9 p228-236 RECAP: Contextual: special, formal Cultural: material Social: Ideational Remember that with Dimensions of Inference: Formal to Spatial to Temporal to Material to Social to Ideational (EXPECT ideational on the exam) …in a sense they are all linked to eachother but in a specific order so to speak What does Social mean? “Social conditions of human life” • anything that has to do with humans living in groups • homo habulous 2000 years ago Social Relations & Social Scale Social Relations – are the links that exist between people and among people but also amongst GROUPS, we look at these using structures that social cultural anthropology has come up with. We can look at this through: • family & househould • community • society – we live in one or more societies that we identify with which is also relative towards the language that one speaks Social Scale 2 divisons of society in terms of SOCIAL SCALE 1. Egalitarian – unranked (band) & segmented (tribe). There is NO formal leaderhip 2. Stratified – there is TEMP leadership that Is not inherited. • Simple (chiefdom) • Complex (State) Band Tribe Chief State Size 100’ 1000’s 5-20k 20k Settlement Camps Villages towns Cities (Ju/’hoansi) (Southwold, (Teothuacan) Iroquoian village) Architectur shelters houses monument Specialized & e s intricate (schools, hospitals, etc) Mobility mobile SEMI- sedentary Sedentary/inacti sedentary ve Economical Self- Self Semi- HIGHLY so to Autonomy Sufficient sufficient specialized speak
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