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Michael Chazan

ANT200 lecture 1 January 9 2011wonderwerk cave his research Excavation area standing in an excavation pit doing a profile Measuring earths magnetic field paleomagnetic through various methods shows the last layer was deposited 15 mill years agoevidence for use of fire is very important changed the way society organized itself we dont know when people started controlling fire 115 mill years agotook out a block of evidence and dump it in fibre glass wood ashes was found all over the surface it has no meaning if the strata graphic context was not controlled oldest contextual evidence for use of fire at any siteby end of today difference between biological evolution and human evolution cultural evolutionorigins of artthe magic is that they were found in situ in their context this is the important parttake home message we do 2 things 1 we talk about the big issues when did art work begin when did language begin when did domestication begin large scale questions about human prehistory 2 find a way to discover something Strata graphic data test will be short answer the BOOK should be primary toolyou have to ask questions dont just believe things testable statements the past is in flux something we know about past now
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