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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dylan Clark

20100310  Space and time are both culturally constructed and arbitrary conditions  As cultural beings we try to objectify space and time  Language is just uttering o Locates or attempt to locate person in shared reality o Recognize common humanity, shared cultural system, shared embodiment of physical space and time as if we inhabit the same space and time o All kinds of assumptions put into that  Idea of 2010, spring, gender, nation – so many things implied in sheer fact of speaking o another person  The fundamental cultural moment: the assumption of being a cultural being and talking to another person as if they’re a cultural being and realize what we share and that makes us social beings o Declares us not to be random o We’re part of society  We share things in common o THAT’S CULTURE !  Assumption of shared time, space and values  At the upper level, there is argument and disagreement of time and space and other shit we share o There’s moment where we say `that’s your thing`  We recognize and accentuate difference  People in video are like `are they ghosts or humans` and they see their peens and are like `oh they’re human but they’re weird`  These counters show how the insistence of shared time and space – who’s calendar wins, who’s sense of gender wins, who’s sense of place wins  Ex. Sambia people (who have diff ideas of territory n shit) and what it means – they get inserted into western chronology n stuffs o Their sense of space and time is inserted into ours o In the video we see that insertion needs to be negotiated  Cultures have diff notions of everything and in those disagreements we really see arbitrariness of culture o Gives culture its fuel  ERHENREICH – FRENCH REVOLUIONTARY CALENDAR o Revolutionists wanted to reinvent calendar  Ex. holidays, days of week, months o Because they were worried about continuity of time being passed down from aristocrats and church fixated time o They felt aristocratic time threatened basis of their power o People still saw themselves as legible in a prior system of time (associated with diff people in power) o NO ONE WOULD TOLERATE IT  Time can’t be reinvented o We like to live with notion that time has objectivity and continuity  If we all share the year and
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