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Dylan Clark

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- Culture o “knowledge” o “knowledge”  “knowing” the other o Gender, nature o Categories: “known”, confirmed as true/integrated - Prof’s friend, Guy, had a last name of Vance and one day the prof asked him the origin of his last name, and Guy told him it was probably from a typical slave last name from a slave master, and this shocked the Prof because he had no idea that his friend was “black” due to Guy’s light skin and does not exhibit acting “black” - Stratification of culture and hierarchy, differential roles - Difference itself is beautiful, people do different things and make us humans and differences can also be awarded unequally - All of us in any society learn how to read symbols and cultural signs and written into other’s language and culture - Little children don’t know how to judge people based on clothing and signs, but they eventually learn; early moments where they learn to note people based on what they have - Does not feel that one is making it up, it feels quite natural and they may feel discovered and discovery - Discovery of the orient and the claims that the orients were there and that the Europeans did not invent the term - Question how our body knowing and producing the world; one discovers for example, class, gender, race, person and then denies putting the categorization there but that it already exists by itself - Rights and access to low wages - Natural roles in hierarchy, men over women, straight over gays, Christians over non-Christians; question the idea of free market and system of knowledge - The invention of concepts such as race, negros, whites, orientals, latin Americans, etc; how are these categories come to seem right and natural and that some people die while some has so much - Good Muslim, Bad Muslim artice o The idea of discovery, where a place is produced by Westerners, the discovery and knowing of orientals, muslims, terrorists, terms produced in knowledge; knowledge is confirmed by truths; how do we know? We have photos, writings, universities, etc; denying authorship in writing on other’s bodies, invention of middle east, arabs, o Concept of Middle East how is this place known? What statistics make it known, clear, natural, what ritual practices make it true; the inventions of the middle east, who is in this group and who is excluded, what makes Middle east the middle east and who gets to decide? What requirements are used o Middle east was produced and conceptualized in the cold war, when prowestern dictatorship; hundreds and millions of people were living in dictatorship and the leaders were rewarded handsomely o There’s only one way out of these categories, o Often referred to as backwards, not modern, o In 9/11, this view changed everything - Co production of hegemony where people are asked to fill the knowledge that if enforced upon them, and asked to fulfilled the roles in a hegemony; accept and produce the reality of power, today, notice what power is - Differences that come to seem natural and that there are differences in the world and reify the truths, act upon and make reality - All these ways, knowing that our own beliefs are not arbitrary but actually the truths - What is power, and do we know what power is? Denaturalize the “power” even though we seem so sure that we know what power is - Seeing power as weird and mystical, seeing it as a substance that people is magic and comprehend in sorts of strange ways and keep it unreal and let us laugh at it for a moment - We may think power is fists and guns, and have a hold of us, yet we can also think it as an arbitrary
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