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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dylan Clark

- For some British people, tea time makes them become more “British”; same with Turkish people - A cat named Sal; if you’re too affectionate with it, it scratches you; the cat was a female but the owner did an experiment by saying it was a male and people around saw the maleness of it - People do the same thing by interpreting other things as male or female - Our senses confirm our beliefs - Eating pork may make some people gag, dogs, and most of us, the thought of eating human may make us gag; we recognize pollutedness and delicacy in food as if it exists already without us taught and believed in it - The taste as a technique of the body, the temperature - The wind entering our body can make us sick; learning to feel sensation - Feeling the weakness in the body and trained into the body and become so real - To recognize our gender and then perform our gender in an embody way - Simone de Beauvoir “one is not born, but becomes a woman”; producing gender and performing gender; recognizing gender in one self and in others - Lust, the discovery of sexual appeal, read onto another body as if that sexuality is already there and that lust exist in that person; the obviousness of desire and technique of the body; learning to recognizing and reify it - The body is an instrument of knowledge, but rather the senses inform us of what we put there; our body becomes a truth making instrument; our senses confirm the dumbness; our senses confirm the filths of menstrual fluid; our senses even make true of pleasure of chocolate; - Emotions also reify these truths; just as surely as a birthday party proves someone is four years old, our emotions prove what is pleasuring and disgusting - In Kaluli, semen is strengthening and menstrual fluid is disgusting - When you have a baby and the poop and snot gets on the parents, it’s not perceived as that disgusting because it’s your own baby - We prove that things are really scary or disgusting, gross, unclean, magical or holy; we prove these things through emotions and our body; emotions cause by things outside of ourselves - The truth of an adult who is no longer a child, may have initiation ceremony, feats of knowledge or strength, courage, and to confirm that they are no longer a child, proven themselves as adults, emotionally charging them and have this transformation from child to adult; materialized through emotions of the body, believe that one cultural system is real and occurred - Kaluli, the emotions aroused by dramas on stage, anger and reciprocity, confirm that the quality of the world is reciprocal; being aroused by anger - Emotional technique that prove transformation from unmarried to married, undergrad to graduate; emotional techniques make the passage of time real, the state is real, the nation is real and that race is real - Kaluli gender in Ch. 7, the insecurity of the sense of the male; have a gender that’s not secured and not stable, vulnerable, and think that the male gender is more vulnerable; the femaleness is going to be female or another, but for males, they need to do various things to prove their maleness, not to contaminate their ‘maleness’ and even though they’re stronger, their masculinity must be protected - The insecurities of male gender in Canadians, sudden and recently males feel that they’re not muscular, skin
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