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Dylan Clark

- White may be a sign of mourning, red may means blood so what does it signify...death? Birth? These signs are arbitrary and different and interpreted in different society - Takes cultural training to make certain signs obvious, where it seems right - Correct uses of clothing to accurate portray someone’s essence - Pg. 331 – 336 - Billy Tipton was a female who lived out the majority of her life as a man o So is she being true to her own self? Or is she betraying her biological sex? - Maybe we’re all in drag - Different cultural way to comprehend sex and gender - The idea of a fixed gender, male or female, one or the other; fascinating way to think about gender and sex, but it’s culturally based - Forcing people to perform in its binary, to make people go to washrooms that are for their respective gender, to make it true that someone is a certain gender - “third gender”, is this view wrong, or is it their perspective that is actually more right? - Modesty: what does that say about body, about sexuality, about how clothes cover the body, which parts of the body are sexual, what are cleavage, neckline, ankles, muscular arm; reveal to us the production of the body - Secrecy  shame, erotic ; more incredible when it’s exposed, when clothing comes off - The clothes you wear can denote you from being a belonging to the elite, it shows that you’re disqualified to be in certain higher class, the higher class interpret you in such a way - The way to use clothes to articulate resistance and hegemony - Blacks in Britain - Mark themselves as different, and not assimilated into the white system - White has borrowed from black style, to signify their own resistance to society and from normative ways - Pun
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