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Dylan Clark

Clothing - Pronounce and reify differences, act as if there’s differences in this world and must be distinguished through the use of clothing - Little girls trying to be little princesses, playing out their gender parts - Talk about drag, we usually think about cross-dressing: seems like the gender does not match the clothing, just because you’re dress in female clothing, you’re not a woman - If you’re female or male, why do you have to try so hard to dress like one - Clothing seems to anchor and confirm the signs and signifier - Clothing seems to be in agreement with the body underneath; female clothes on the female body, hip hop clothes on a hip hop person, leafs clothing on a leafs fan - The essence of a person, the clothes seem to reassure and assess the person - Writing on the body and signs on the body - Making one legible and making others read us - How do we tell people and hail people? Suits and ties, dresses, etc; - Signs themselves are arbitrary, how do we insist that they’re there? Taboos, segregations, - Quote from Steven Harold, when he was talking with Chinese ethnic minorities, someone asked him, “In America, is there minorities there?” Harold re
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