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Dylan Clark

- “What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?” o CLR James o Trinidad o Thought about race in Cricket o Living through anti colonial and anti racial o The quote means, if you think crickets is just like crickets, then you don’t know it  Hypersaturated of the sign of British empire and Britishness o The way to imagine a race - British empire see themselves as the best, fastest, strongest; o Bring the light to the colonized o Bring athletics to the people and teach them strength and disciple, proper manhood and morality o The Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans  They took the British discourse and flipped it on the racist head - The cow has constellations in meaning, only has context in meaning - Women is also known as a constellation, meaning of weakness, menstruation, etc; o Or put them in strength - Cricket is usually in a constellation of Britishness, saturated into colonizers, etc; - Empire of cricket – India (part 1) VIDEO o Cricket is associated with honesty, brightness, o The Indian psyche (this is bad...according to prof) o Always played in front of the mosque in the rural areas of India and everywhere else o Homologies (each truth proves the other truth; are meant to reflect each other and secure the truth of each other)  Empire  Caste  Race  Nation  Gender patriarchy  Class  Cricket  sport o Changing the homologies (as you change one part of a homology, you have to make
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