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Dylan Clark

- Some people have a mindset that kinship encompasses/include the whole nation o Prof’s elementary teacher telling the class about the explosion of the Challenger (space shuttle) and being really sad about it as if a close uncle had died - Imagined community - “real” father, biologically related to o In another culture, someone can call three men (all brothers) all “dad” o Kinship is biologically constructed, biological relatedness - Kinship amongst Kaluli, biology matters but not as much in some other things o Some may know the intense lineages and family relations o Kaluli plays more importance on what sort of longhouses you live in, social groups - Homology o I pray the way I eat, the way I make love, the way sing, the way I celebrate, the way I am in a family. o Mirrors in a circle in a culture, reflect the truth back at you o The way you are reflected and fortifies the others o Each one anchors the other truth; any given sign is fleeting and dynamic and changing and contested o Signs in music, art, food; each one in a sense keep the others from floating away o All these truths proving the other truths - Some may say kinship is the basis of biology - Some people’s comprehension of religion often has its grounding in kinship system - Prof’s daughter insistence that there’s a nuclear family amongst a group of bears o She wants to think of the essence of culture o She wants to make real that the model of kinship that most humans have also exists in the animal world - Use our model of kinship, rules and regulations, who you must and must not obey, regulations between siblings, parents, extended family members, etc; - You’ll try to make the rest of the world fits into the model of kinship, until you change your own model of kinship and then you’ll think differently - Tota people, southern India o W.H Rivers: We are all Relatives video  Games: contest of strength  Almost every feature is reflected off the other
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