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Dylan Clark

- Emotional perturbed response to the different food combinations of different types of “ethnic” food that would go together; - Purity and pollution; what is clean and what is unclean, and when it’s mixed, feeling of disgust or humour - So much food is edible but we put strange rules on them - Milk with ketchup; why do people get emotional disgust to these food combinations? Why should two edible items not be mixed? - Rules of cuisine, or taboos - Reify arbitrary categories (make real) - Clean and unclean, edible or inedible, our food and their food - Hailing people into categories and into spatial categories - Legal interpolations, - Arbitrary categories just by a bowl of rice - Come to recognize yourself into these categories - Bounded units (categories), masculinity, femininity; through borders and declarations of differences - How we produce these differences - There’s a continent called Africa, how do we know it’s real? There’s Africans. How do we know there’s Africans? There’s a place called Africa. Both things reify each other - Bodies and continent, proven by “facts” and then practice over and over again, then reified - Bounded categories are reinserted into culture, we produce difference, we reify culture - There are categories and what’s between the categories? These overlaps and grey areas, where there is confusion; what do we do with this grey area, or mixtures? Would taboo help us to police these areas and tell people not to venture into that area? Grey areas become the taboo area, strong conjunction against these - Menstruation about the pollutedness of woman and spatial segregation; taboo keeps us f
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