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Dylan Clark

- Short essay is from the study guide or testing your understanding of the concepts and how well you can communicate it - Big concepts and main ideas from the books - Thanksgiving picture by the prof’s daughter, that she wants to make come true - Emotional gender response to the meat or raw meat (in this case, the turkey) - There’s nothing female/male about reaching in and pulling body parts from the turkey, but we’re trained to be squeamish about “dead” animals and such or getting grossed out; it’s a trained response that becomes innate in us - Thanksgiving ritual: everyday is a story about ourselves; also has to do with gifts; indexing the nation of Canadian or American culture - Gift giving is often the idea of who gives more o Carving the bird and distributing to the family (male dominance) even though he didn’t cook the bird (turkey) - Ingesting turkey is actually ingesting ideas of the nation, of gender, and gift giving - Do you eat to link yourself back to ancestral homelands? Branded food? Normal or ethnic food? - “my” napkin, “my” food, “my” plate, etc; or is it from a communal bowl? A value that we perform in our dinner table - Who brought what food, who is the receiver and who’s the greater giver? Is there prayer before eating? - Where food is located and how it invents us? - Food is a performance and reification, one’s religion, personality, nation, class, etc; can be made true in food, it is daily, repeated and ritualized - Can’t simply eat without being culturally influenced - Thanksgiving, food at wedding, food at holiday, food at feasts (Kaluli), - Not just that there are food present at a special occasions, it helps to convince that’s it’s a magnificent event and that eating the food makes it that we were actually there and that it’s real; helps convince participants to think they engage in something special (the food eaten are usually special food, expensive food, rare food) - We listen more loudly and clearly because of the food that’s more special - Food is instrumental and ponders about food, how to eat food - Think about how much energy a society put into the food p
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