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Dylan Clark

- All food production in the world is social - Rely on farmers and other people for our food, even other farmers trade/rely on other farmers - Part of production and consumerism - We talk and think about food; lots of time is spent on the idea of food such as how to prepare it and the duration of preparing it, - Holiday food: ritualized nature of food - Food is not something random that happened; oppose to dog walking is NOT ritualized - Food produce culture which is connected to self and subjectivity - Food makes our economic class; champagne, beer, white wine, red wine? - Our ethnicity: connects our ethnicity even in other countries - We practice the eating of certain food and embody this - Rice services a sign that is incorporated into many countries o Indonesia: If you haven’t eaten rice, you haven’t eaten today; if you don’ eat rice, you’re not Indonesian, reinvents landscapes (applies to other countries that commonly eat rice) - There’s nothing inherent about rice, it is what it is, we write stories of rice and then embody it; we do it and make it real and ritualized it - We gender ourselves through food; it could be eating the exact same food - Different manners of eating food and food choices and the way we talk about our food - food is key site for production culture - food is often given as gift, even if we buy takeout and serve it to our family, it’s presented in a uncommodified way; mother and father make food and give to their children; making our social relations real and indebted to each other - food is so essential to a lot of transactions - book o cementing marriage with food o cement political powers (who are able to present feasts...) - thanksgiving is a holiday and ritualized o different types of food that’s not normally eaten o come out of their way to join families/friends to eat together o constructed us that we are indebted to the world because we have so much? - Tea from Sri Lanka o Tea worker makes $2.25 per day from Sri Lanka o Packaging is disconnected from the actual tea shacks and the workers and trucks that are associated with the actual production and source of the tea - We are fish in a sea of capitalism, we
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