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Dylan Clark

Language - The way we think about time in English is a bounded unit; capable of segmenting “time” into different small segments; made for our convenience, from the Earth’s orbit around the sun - Hopi language, one time is never fully separable into another time, all time flows into another time; constantly show awareness for flowing time; experiencing time in different ways than English speakers - Kinship terms: cousins, brothers and sisters; Iroquois uses same words to encompass siblings/cousins; in other languages, distinguishes relatives from paternal or maternal side - Necessity in different Algonquin language; animate or inanimate; maybe connecting to spiritual world - In Navaho, things are influenced by people to do actions, while in English, people are seem to have control things to work (I rode a horse) - We invent the world by our culture - Continents are complete figments of our own imagination; created for our own convenience but they also trap us into racial modes - If you were divide a line between Asia and Europe, what are the chances that someone would draw a similar line to you; who gets to divide where the lines are - On the internet, google “continents” and you’ll notice that there are different versions in dividing continents - We act upon the ideas of continents, and continually force ideas upon it to make it real - Constantly noticing what things belongs to who, who possesses it, the property aspects; seeing the world in discrete units that are owned and
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