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Dylan Clark

LANGUAGE - Arbitrariness of sign and language - Animal language (nah, not important for this class...bee, chimps...etc;)and the end of the chapter about Turkish - TIME is important - Metaphors is valuable to learn; soil seed metaphor which is a gender metaphor - Language and gender, - Everything we do, we grasp it symbolically, everything stands for something else - There’s no pure access to reality; from the time we are young, we comprehend the world through language - We can’t get through the pure element of language - The words and thoughts produce the world you live in - The words make the world, making the reality we live in; the world is not transform by the words? - Metaphor’s example: “dirt is the laundry’s poo” said by the prof’s daughter; “time is money” time is a commodity, it has value; part of how we experience time - Categories: student, problem child, Arab, Oriental, Asian, Negro, Black, Woman, savages, - El derado, gold fever; terms from the video First contact - Words exist and has meaning because there’s a difference with other words; birds mean nothing if th
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