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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dylan Clark

- We make up space/place by our definitions - We are spoken to and defines how we behave in a certain environment (e.g. classroom) - Borders: pg. 39-40; separates nations from each other, borders are often imposed and invented by colonial powers, and then everything inside the borders are treated as part of some nationality; living in Canada, you hail to what standards are set up such as rules or laws - Compare the nomadic use of land (sheep herders or wheat farmers) to the agricultural way of land (based on necessities and fixed in place) - Private ownership of lands, fenced in lands, indicates the agricultural sense of space has won - Pg. 40, migrants who move from place to place, how are they affected by space? - Racialized space? We act it out: ghettos, racial segregation by space - Song lines; aboriginals measure and experience space through songs - 43-44: gender and space; how space belongs to female or male; kitchen = female dominance; - Public and private place; there are different ways of using space in different types of people’s definitions - Wilderness: untouched landscape; the idea of wilderness, for example: wildness and civilizations (in dialogue, each one informs and defines the other) - Architecture: how space are designed and hail us in different moments; places for children/adult, socializing - How space produce us and we produce space; in certain ways, space seems to speak to us and makes us behave in certain
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