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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dylan Clark

- Critiquing evolution, - Understanding society before contact with colonialism - “the original affluent society” o Dispel the idea that hunter gatherers are poverish, starving and miserable by observing the harshest environments o They had a lot of free time o When westerners came in first contact with them, they see that they were barely eating anything and assume they are poor and unhappy o How did these people become diseased and riddled with miseries from once prosperous beings; the introduction to infinite needs/wants by colonizers o Comparing and contrasting that we’re “modern” and the aboriginals as in a distress state (misconception of our situation) o Turning them into needy people, and turning them into people who needs help and need civilization; colonial fantasy that these people are need of salvation from westerners o People who bring the “light” to these people are seemingly benefactors, gift givers, and presenting themselves as bringing things to society and improving other people’s lives o Debunking evolutionary paradigm; o We still think certain people are primitive or less evolved, as if all humans beings must become agricultural, as in there’s someone who is “not yet, not to come” because this idea flatters us; we need to critique this idea; or not yet monotheistic, democratic, capitalist, modern; question these ideas of people living without states are in chaos, o States are killing machines because there’s militaries o Gifts are way of organizing people without states; organized themselves economically and politically without a defined state; people are behaving in a well manner because of kinship and religion, while the
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