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Tutorial 6.

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Andrea Muehlebach

Tutorial: Essay Writing - Read the question many time over and over again o We were given a question that was long, you need to be able to rewrite the question to show you understand the question well o If there are word you don’t understand, look up in the dictionary - Essay question o Have to focus on peoples understanding of these three terms o Look at sexuality and sex, gender  what made it possible for them to live as sworn virgins - Assignment sheet gave tips for the assignment o Reference signs of masculinity and femininity o Think about the relationships, culture and logics  explain what the relationships are o You want to make good connections between concepts discussed in class and tutorials. - Intro paragraph o Start from general and work your way to what your essay will be about o Give an outline of what you are going to talk about o Provide the answer in one sentence  thesis (what your essay is about) - Body paragraphs o Have one main idea per paragraph o Use a topic sentence to tell the marker what you are doing in the paragraph o At the end see, see this is what I did - Conclusion o You say “see this is what I did” o Formulate the thesis statement at the end where you are like BAM (whereas in the beginning the thesis statement was tentative) o Talk about how can this be applied to the rest of the world - Thesis statement, in his essay I bc they do not reinforce the social gender binary, - Insightful inspiration  one way to get a thesis statement Tutorial: Amazon - Chapter 4: o NGOs o How you do what you do when you don’t really receive money
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