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Tutorial 7.

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Andrea Muehlebach

Tutorial 7: - Today we are going to organize our discussion that will help us develop our analysis for our essay Office Hours: Nov. 7 – 10-1 HSC-394 Nov. QUESTION: Your roommate sees you reading “A Future for Amazonia” and challenges you to tell him/her what an anthropological approach to the environment is and what it has to offer to an analysis of conservation more generally. Does attention to culture and cultural values matter? If so, why and how? More specifically, use the Cofan example to explain why attention to cultural values might matter for (1) conservation science or (2) in the context of NGO-work. You may, when answering this question, only focus on either part (1) or (2). - This is about relationship between culture and conservation science/ NGO o Conflict o Cooperation o Transformational - You have to make an argument why culture is significant - What are some anthropological concepts that might be relevant to use in the essay? o Holism o Agency o Identity o Anthropocene o TA: culture (as a set of meaningful practices embedded in social relations), cultural relativism, biculturalism o Use these concepts as analytical tools Discussion In Class: - Consider how in the book there are different cultural perspectives presented, come up with an example of cultural values and practices o Cofan cultural presented o Spanish NGOs o American Conservationist o American students o International NGOs o Ecuadorian politicians - They have set some values and practices that are cultural - The ways cultural values are reproduced in the book - Create a question about the relationships between cultural values (culture in generally) and either conservation sites or NGOs. Cofan - Attitudes towards the forest  their way of life is already conserving the forest o Whereas western conservation is a science that seems like a chore and get money out of it (have to do) o They both want to protect the forest, but their way is different - Why do they have this cultural value? How is it a part of their identity? o Part of it is living in the forest, talking about the forest - Conservation i - Question: What is the difference in cultural attitudes towards conservation science? Cofan hunting - When cultural parents took their kids hunting at the age of 9 Westerners come in to force their ways onto the Cofan people - Cofans don’t open up to outsiders Cofan attitude towards the forest as part of their identity - We learn from observation, imitation, and those aroundushabituts Question: - How has Cofan hunting changed since they been
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