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Tutorial 8.

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Andrea Muehlebach

Tutorial 8: Righteous Dopefiend Introduction + Chapter 1 Concepts Raised in the Lecture/Book for this week: - Lumpen Abuse o Lumpen = underclass who were marginalized who were not part of the wage relations (including street thugs, unemployed) o The homeless drug addicts would fit this description  but used to refer to structural forces to emphasis the structurally determined part of this group o Abuse = the individual are both victim and perpetrator (abusers who commits abuse on their own body; heroin and violent against others) o Author coined this term to conquest the relationship that leads to a situation where these individuals are both victims and abusers - Neoliberism o Transformation that began in the 1970s and 80s that was both an economic transformation (industrialization in North America) and ideological project that use individual acting on their own in the market as the most effective way rather than government social welfare programs o There was a reduction in social programs; and an increasingly individualization responsibility  increased in policing o It was increasingly seen as a crime to use drugs; they were responsible (rather than government responding with health services, it was cut by the increase of prisons and policing) - Cultural relativism - Objectification - Social suffering - Identity - Essentialisation - Voyeurism - Structural violence - Ethnicity - Moral economy of gift giving - Symbolic violence Choose concept; define it. Choose a concept from the book to emphasis the concept and create an anthropological question. Voyeuristic pornography of suffering: - Taking pleasure of fascination from spying from someone’s intimate suffering (something that is not meant to be public) - Suffering: pictures - Question: How did the author himself avoid voyeurism view of the drug addicts during his fieldwork? Moral Economy of Gift Giving - Social pattern where there is an obligation to give, receive and repay - This establishes the boundaries of a community (by not following this, you are setting Objectification - Treating a person as things without giving humanity - Example: Black person standing on the streets peeing. There were cars passing by, and there was a woman giving him a look that objectified him
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