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Righteous Dopefiend Lecture 2

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Andrea Muehlebach

Lecture 3 Righteous DopefiendLast week she was too sick to teach so for last weeks lecture refer to last weeks tutorial ADThe normative reaction we have the intuitive reaction is for them to get their act together Rather than doing the most simple of saying Why cant they get their life together let us tell you in a complicated way o 12 years of researchuntangling and unravel their world for righteous dopefiend o The small font for the convent house ad Why cant street kids just get a lifeThe message is it is complicated o Where you have to actually go close an interesting metaphor that burgouis does with his book when understanding what is going on o It is a message that is weirdly proposed hereWhat WE Are Doing TodayQuestion 1o What are the multiple forms of abuse that righteous dopefiend documents and how do these forms of abuse impact addict identities and relationships o Could public health workers benefit from this theory of abuseQuestion 1Abusive of the drug addicts themselveso Physical and emotional abuse through their addict that isolates them from their loved ones o They dont blame anyone I am what I am because of this o Misuse of good will o They are aware of this but at the same time as it is separated by gendered and raceStealing criminal activityInternalization of certain kinds of abuse Affecting interpersonal violenceStructural abusive o The police performs and goverance performce only allowed to carry one or two needlestwo needles means o When they have to go and get their needles the expense and duration outweighs the benefits of the getting high o Police and governing contradicts the whole efforts of trying to help them anyways These microforms of abuse good will of nurse and doctors linked to and related back to structural forms of abuseHow can a policy be a form of abuseSymbolic violence o Burgouis shows physical forms of violence manifest in police actionso They get diseases and people think its their fault for not using clean needles when in reality it hard for them to get clean needles all the time not easily available due to distanceCaptranshomeless people dont have anything and have no where to go these people still takes everything away from the homeless o Chapter 7Burgeous says theres a lot of contradictionswhere medical system is trying to helpo This kind of help in the sense of heres your meds and go back on the street contradicts the policing aspects that have been initiated in the 1980s
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