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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Righteous Dopefiend Text.docx

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Andrea Muehlebach

Lecture 9: Righteous Dopefiend Movie - Next Door But Invisible: The World of Homelessness and Drug Addiction - Book insist on avoiding an enjoyment or fascination of suffering - Voyeurism is an intense watching of something in the world o Removal from vision; you are watching but that is it o We are not engaged o We have to train our minds to a different encounter - Emotions do not have to be done away with but we can’t just be fascinated but must ask what can we do about it o How to deal with it - Avoid objectification of people o A process whereby a person gets treated as a thing/ or object o Person lacks dignity o No individual characteristics, or life stories, or histories o Denies people autonomy or agency o It’s a mechanism by which someone becomes less human and therefore dispensable - Avoid essentialization of difference o You assume that this person is made up of this unchanging essence o The person is homogenous and unchanging across the group o Ex. The homeless don’t want to work o You are describing an intention to the whole social group o If people have essences then people who are in the group are different from other groups  By ascribing these essences you are prescribing boundaries between groups o You are assuming absolute boundaries between people instead of relative boundaries o Discrimination is more possible and easier News Article - Study conducted by professor at University - Shows that people distain from the poor - When people were shown pictures of the poor and homeless their brain reacted in a way that is similar to images of objects/ things o Not the part of the brain that deals with humans - Americans react to the poor with disgust - Essentialize who the poor are and how they should be treated - Essentialization is a necessary step to the development of policies of neglect - We’re loosing part of our humanity o If you work hard, you deserve more, and if you do less then you get less Book - Abstain from moral judgment - In order to understand the social and cultural practices - If you cant see the face, you cant see the misery o They had a desire to be seen o They had a desire to be known o Introduction to a cast of characters – 20 key characters they worked with over 12 years Care - The forms of care that exist within this community - The gift economy - This is how these people survive - Ther
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