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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Travesti Text.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Andrea Muehlebach

Lecture 4 Man/ Woman - Binary: anything with 2 parts o 2 parts are typically in opposition o Ex. Male and Female is a direct manifestation of the reproductive organ we have - Don Kulik o A biological male who does not feel like a man or behave like a man can make sense of their identity by the reproductive organ they have o A man who is not a man must therefore be a woman o Shift from male to female is companied by sex change surgery o Kulik rejects this interpretation by calling Travesti a third gender or someone who is in between male and female  This leaves some semblance of what it means to be male and female in tact  He tries to leave behind this logic  Embraces Travesti logic of man/ non-man o Travesti are more than prostitues  In their relationships outside of prostitutes (with their bfs) you can see how they really operate  You have to look at them holistically to understand them  A lot of scholars have only looked at them in their relations with clients Man/ Non-man - Non-man: o Women o Queens o Viados o Travesti o Some clients - Man: only penetrates during sex/ the person who penetrates during sex o Its not how you are made up biologically but what you do with your reproductive organs o The person being penetrated can be biologically a man or woman, doesn’t matter - Don Kulik: is arguing for a distinction that is prevalent in Latin America generally (might not be limited to Latin America at all) o This might be a framework that many people use o Travesti are after the men who like girls (the heterosexual man) o Travesti think and believe that they can achieve a form of woman hood that is superior to biological women based on their definition of what it is to be women Chapters 3&5 - Why a sex change doesn’t make sense for Travesti in this cultural order - The penis in itself doesn’t mean anything o Its what you do with it - Kulik has special/more access to the Travesti because he is gay o It’s because he is of the same gender o He’s different from some clients, women, and viados o 2 non-male individuals having sex that are both submissive is lesbian sex/ feminine sex  2 that normally want to be penetrated - Cant touch penis’ because they would move to the “man” side o They see the boyfriends as men o It’s also about control o Other aspects of masculinity (Ex. When Travesti say their bf wouldn’t let them go to the concert, boyfriends are very masculine in physique) Normativity - They are punished for going against the norms o They have their own set of norms - Travesti normativity or framework is one of many operating - Norms are not constant things o People break them all the time o They are fragile - Travesti relationships with their boyfriends o Ch. 3 – Travesti finances their bf o They take care of their rent, cooking, and clothing  The Travesti is the gifter/ the provider o Men contribute by making the Travesti
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